14 Training Tips for a Solid Program

Sound Advice to a Well Structured Training Program

1. Train Regularly, and all-year around

2. Start gradually and train gently

3. Train first for distance (or endurance), only later for speed

4. Don’ set your daily training schedule in stone, allow for flexibility

5. Alternate hard and easy training days

6. At first, try to achieve as much as possible on a minimum of training

7. Specialize, train exactly for your objective

8. Incorporate base training and peaking (sharpening), also know as a periodized workout

9. Don’t over-train

10. Train with a coach, friend, or other support

11. Train the mind as well as the body

12. Rest before a big race or other physically demanding task or demonstration

13. Keep a logbook or journal of your progress

14. Understand the holism of training, there is more to health to just your Physical Health