Is Sitting Bad for my Health?

Sitting can be dangerous. Especially for those who sit longer than 4-hours a day and I imagine most of us do once we add commute time, desk time, Computer time, TV time, etc. In one study, sitting longer than 4-hours a day increased the risk of Cardiovascular disease 80%.

“NEAT Activity” can help remedy this problem, lowering risk and helping to burn more calories throughout the day. “NEAT” is a new term which stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis; simply meaning that not all activities are considered exercise because the intensity is too low – but these activities are still very important if you live or work in a sedentary (or sitting) environment. An example of “NEAT” Activities include, standing at your work desk while working, pacing the floor (possibly while on a conference call), standing while watching TV, toe-tapping, or fidgeting. Simply moving from sitting to a standing position triples the rate of calories burned, gets your metabolism moving, and your nervous system firing to keep your muscles stimulated.

While NEAT activities work well but are lower intensity than exercise, consider how great a short exercise break would be? With exercise you get all the benefit of  NEAT Activity plus more. Example of exercise include; a 10-minute cardio exercise walk-break to condition endurance, resistance exercise with an elastic band or body weight to condition muscle strength , or stretch exercises to improve flexibility and relaxation.

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Is sitting really bad for my health?
from James A. Levine, M.D., Ph.D.

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