Foods that Decrease Cancer Risk and Obesity

Cancer and obesity both depend on angiogenesis, A term referring to the growth of new blood vessels. Blood vessels supply blood, oxygen, and life to the body as well as disease. The body careful controls the growth of new blood vessels but cancer and fat cells summon the growth of additional blood vessels to support the disease. While disease attempts to hijack blood vessel growth in order to survive, many foods have been found to control this extra blood vessel growth to decrease cancer growth and control obesity.

It was found that cancer starts as a single cell that is roughly the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. Over time this cancer cell can grow and spread given the right conditions, access to a rich circulatory blood flow, and angiogenesis. An autopsy study of car crash victims found that microscopic cancers were found:

  • 40% of the time in the breasts of 40-50 year old women
  • 50% of the time in the prostate of 50-60 year old men
  • 100% of the time in the thyroid of those 70 or older

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” ~ Hippocrates

We can eat to stave cancer or obesity.  Many foods have been found to have anti-angiogenic properties, which help limit the growth of excessive blood vessel formation. Eating anti-angiogenic foods could help limit the risk of disease. One study found that men who consumed cooked tomatoes 2-3 times per week reduced their risk of prostate cancer by 40-50%. A second study found that obese rats given anti-angiogenic therapy restored a normal weight under treatment (see the image below).

Eat right to naturally boost your body’s defense system and possibly even control obesity. For a complete list of anti-angiogenic foods, click here.

Obesity and angiogenesis
The white line shows anti-angiogenic treatment being cycled ON with weight loss, and OFF with weigh gain. Through treatment an obese rat is able to restore a normal weight.











In this video, William Li, Co-founded the Angiogenesis Foundation talks about eating to starve cancer and disease:

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