Ditch the Chair, move more at work

Do you find yourself “sedentary” or seated most of your workday? If so, your single-session workout probably won’t be enough activity to makeup the damages done. Sitting for extended periods is damaging to your health. Don’t be the chairs next victim; find ways to move more at work.

Adding movement to the workday can be refreshing and very easy to accomplish. The chart below shows how additional workplace movement can equal a big difference in overall calorie burn.

Office Activity Calorie burn / min 8-hour avg calorie burn
Sitting 1 cal/min 480 calories
Standing, fidgeting, or light stretching 3 cal/min 1,440 calories
Walking, or stepping in place 5 cal/min 2,400 calorie

Did you know? A moderate to intense exercise session can burn between 15 to 30 calories per minute. Raising the bar on workday activity plus regular exercise can help you get the most from your personal wellness program.

Try this Work-site Workout:

  • Regular walk breaks:¬† Aim for 3, 10-minute walks a day (ex: morning, noon, and post work). At the end of the day you’ll have accumulated 30-minutes of exercise, this is the minimum recommended number of cardio exercise minutes per day.
  • Stretch every hour:¬† Muscles can easily become locked or tight in seated position, especially the low back, hips, hamstrings, and hip flexors. You can observe how often a house pet (dog or cat) stretches. We should also stretch often. For every 60 minutes seated, take 3 minutes to change position or stretch; If you do this you will easily exceed the health recommendations for flexibility.
  • Change position often: Sit some of your day and relax but practice changing positions often. Possibly take calls or type on the computer while standing. Pace a bit for an extra calorie burn. If you are more serious about your health an occasional¬† desk side exercise like body-weigh squats or push-ups can take your joints through a wide range of motion to be both stretching and strengthening.