Weight Loss Free of Obsession

Nutrition and physical exercise challenges are often considered “the easy part” in relation to the mental challenge weight modification goals typically entail. It’s easy to be Obsessed with Body Look, Shape, and Size, especially with the expectations portrayed by modern advertisements. A balanced weight loss goal should begin with Patience and Self Acceptance despite our current weight. Most of us are our own worst critics.

Read the declaration below and circle the areas you feel could use some additional time and practice. Print and sign your commitment that you will practice these tenets despite your current weight.

I declare from this day forward, I will choose to live my life by the following tenets. In doing so, I declare myself free and independent from the pressures and constraints of a weight-obsessed world:

  • I will accept my body in it’s natural size and shape
  • I will celebrate all that my body can do for me each day
  • I will treat my body with respect, give it enough rest, fuel it with a variety of foods, exercise it moderately, and listen to what it needs
  • I will choose to resist our society‚Äôs pressures to judge myself and other people on physical characteristics like body weight, shape, or size.
  • I will respect people based on their depth of character and the impact of their accomplishments.
  • I will refuse to deny my body of valuable nutrients by dieting or using weight loss products.
  • I will avoid categorizing foods as either “good” or “bad”.
  • I will not associate guilt or shame with eating certain foods. Instead, I will nourish my body with a balance of foods, listening, and responding to what it needs.
  • I will not avoid participating in activities that I enjoy (e.g., swimming, dancing, and enjoying a meal) simply because I am self-conscious about the way my body looks.
  • I will recognize that I have the right to enjoy any activities regardless of my body shape or size.
  • I will believe that my self-esteem and identity come from within!

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Declaration of Independence from Weight Obsessions taken (EDAP)