Quickly find your Calorie Needs

Calculating your personal energy requirement doesn’t have to be hard; in fact it’s very easy. Knowing the number of calories your body needs is the first step to mastering your energy level and metabolism.

Quick Calorie Math:

Men: Take your ideal body weight (lb) and multiply by 11 to find your daily calorie needs. Women:  Take your ideal body weight (lb) and multiply by 10 to find your daily calorie needs.

Example: I’m a 200 lb man but my “ideal” weight is 180 pounds.  180 lb x 11 = 1980 calories a day

The calorie estimate above is a great place to start but understand that calorie needs can fluctuate “daily” depending on your activity level and overall goal (ie: weight-loss; weight-gain; sports performance). Reference the chart below to find your calorie needs based on activity level.

Calorie Needs Based on Activity Level:

chart showing calorie requirements for men


chart showing calorie requirements for women

Adjusting your Calorie Needs:

The need for further calorie adjustment can be indicated though an awareness of overall energy level; feeling of hunger; ability to perform; lack of change or an undesired change in body weight or other body measures. Keeping a fitness / nutrition journal with these observations and measures WILL greatly increase your chances of success

Weight loss Goals should be perused in 5 to 10% blocks of your current body weight. After obtaining a loss of 5-10% body weight, weight maintenance should become the main goal for the following 2-months, before perusing another loss. This helps reset your old weight to the new lighter weight, decreasing your chances of gaining it back.

A safe range for weight-loss is 1-2 pounds per week. A safe range for weight loss coupled with a sports or performance goal should be no more than 0.5-1 pound per week. Understanding that there is 3,500 calories per pound of body fat will allow you to make further weight loss calculations.

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