Nutrition Cycling for Better Weight Loss and Results

I’m regularly asked – What is the best diet for weight loss, getting ripped, or muscle tone? As a new trainer years ago, I spent months in the bookstore reading the details of a collection of diets books. I found most diets to be very limiting and otherwise confusing. All this research helped me realize that nutrition cycling can help eliminate the confusion created by most diets, making the experience of eating much more pleasurable and sustainable. Nutrition cycling can be tailored to fit your specific training goal and best of all – it works!

Diet and training goals should match in order to get your best result. Without a proper diet, you can count on throwing some of your well spent training time away. When you want to add muscle you eat and train one way and when you want to burn fat and get ripped, you again shift how you eat and train. Nutrition cycling uses 3 types of meals that produce specific results. See the video below to learn about these meal types and how to use NUTRITION CYCLING to burn fat fast, build lean muscle, get energized and detoxify your body.

Fire, Fuel, Free, Meal plan for nutrition cycling and getting ripped

A Sample week may look like this for someone looking to maximize fat burning:

  • Monday-Tuesday = FIRE Meals
  • Wednesday = FUEL Meals
  • Thursday-Saturday = FIRE Meals
  • Sunday consume FUEL MEALS and a FREE MEAL

How it works:  By temporarily removing complex carbohydrates and fruits from your eating plan, the body will burn stored fat at an accelerated rate. Do this too long (beyond 3 days for most people) and the body begins to breakdown muscle tissue and slows metabolism. Remember too much is not a good thing. Stick to the plan as outlined for 3 weeks. FUEL meals help ensure that your body has the carbohydrate energy it needs for training. Add additional FUEL meals if you begin to feel tired, irritable, cranky, or low energy.