Free Meal Planning Tools

There are many web sites offering free and paid meal plans; The problem is that many of these meal plans neglect balanced nutrition by carelessly slashing calorie content. The benefits of such program will only be temporary, as weight drops other problems eventually emerge like: fatigue, illness, decreased recovery times.

Here are a few high quality resources for finding FREE balanced meal plans and nutrition information:

National Heat Lung Blood Institute
Unique for offering daily 1,200 and 1,600 calorie meal plans for a variety of cuisine: American, Asian, Southern, Mexican, Lacto-ovo Vegetarian.

USDA My Plate
Unique for offering a Sample 2000 calorie menu and Food Intake Patterns for the basic food groups. Also offers free online food logging and food comparison tools.

Your Personal Nutrition Guide
Registered Dietician Suzette Kroll offers great content and creative meal planning for a number of diet preferences.

Cross Fit
Cross Fit “Block” Eating for Performance and Toning Goals
Cross Fit adapts Barry Sears’ “Zone Diet.” A block is a unit of measure used to simplify the process of making balanced meals.

When selecting a meal plan, be sure that your plan matches your energy needs and diet preference. Understand how energy needs fluctuate to accomplish different goals: Weight-loss, Sports performance, Lean Muscle Gain. Energy needs can be determined by visiting any of the sites above or by leaving a Reply below.