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Age and Societal Norms Affect Physical Fitness

Healthy Aging, BikeHave you ever stopped to consider how age and societal norms affect you and your physical fitness? If you haven’t considered the normal rules of engagement it’s often easiest to conform. Society has its expectations on how we act, dress, think and behave in certain ways at certain stages of life. Through increased understanding of age and societal norms you will earn the power to comfortably choose your own path. Dare to be different!

Most of us pass through essentially the same patterns of experience as we get older, but this does not make such patterns desirable or inevitable. The table below summarizes various changes in recreational activity, and patterns of experience, by age. Reading through the age groups you have personally experienced so far, ask yourself; have you experienced any of these patterns? Continue reading Age and Societal Norms Affect Physical Fitness

Foods that Decrease Cancer Risk and Obesity

Cancer and obesity both depend on angiogenesis, A term referring to the growth of new blood vessels. Blood vessels supply blood, oxygen, and life to the body as well as disease. The body careful controls the growth of new blood vessels but cancer and fat cells summon the growth of additional blood vessels to support the disease. While disease attempts to hijack blood vessel growth in order to survive, many foods have been found to control this extra blood vessel growth to decrease cancer growth and control obesity.

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Ditch the Car, Travel by Foot

Being overweight or obese is now the norm, but few like to call this normal. 68% of adults are now overweight or obese (1). Studies now show that obesity can be related to physical inactivity and the time spent in car commute. While community design can make it more or less difficult to ditch the car in favor of travel by foot, just how walkable is your community anyway? Score your Walk Route here.

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Ditch the Chair, move more at work

Do you find yourself “sedentary” or seated most of your workday? If so, your single-session workout probably won’t be enough activity to makeup the damages done. Sitting for extended periods is damaging to your health. Don’t be the chairs next victim; find ways to move more at work.

Adding movement to the workday can be refreshing and very easy to accomplish. The chart below shows how additional workplace movement can equal a big difference in overall calorie burn.

Office Activity Calorie burn / min 8-hour avg calorie burn
Sitting 1 cal/min 480 calories
Standing, fidgeting, or light stretching 3 cal/min 1,440 calories
Walking, or stepping in place 5 cal/min 2,400 calorie

Did you know? A moderate to intense exercise session can burn between 15 to 30 calories per minute. Raising the bar on workday activity plus regular exercise can help you get the most from your personal wellness program.

Try this Work-site Workout:

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Benjamin Franklin’s 13-week Habit Plan

Benjamin Franklin though of himself as a simple man with ordinary ability, but believed he could acquire the essential principles of successful living, with the right method. Franklin chose 13 subjects which he felt were necessary or desirable to master and he gave a week’s strict attetion to each subject successively. This way, he was able to go through his entire list in 13-weeks, and repeat the process 4-times a year.

When Ben was 79 years old he wrote that for this one thing, he felt he owed all his success and happiness. He concluded by writing: “I hope, therefore, that some of my descendants may follow the example and reap the benefit.”

Benjamin Franklin’s 13-Subjects:

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9-Rules for Being Human

1.  You will receive a body:  You may not like it, but it will be yours for the entire period this time around. The choice is yours.

2.  You will learn lessons:  You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called life. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant and hence choose to ignore them, no matter, keep studying.

3.  A lesson is repeated until learned:  A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the next lesson.

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Safety Tips for Outdoor Exercise


  1. Don’t Wear Headsets. Use your ears to be aware of your surroundings. Using headphones, you lose the use of an important sense: your hearing.
  2. Always stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are.
  3. Carry a cell phone or change for a phone call. Know the locations of call boxes and telephones along your regular route. Continue reading Safety Tips for Outdoor Exercise