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Free Meal Planning Tools

There are many web sites offering free and paid meal plans; The problem is that many of these meal plans neglect balanced nutrition by carelessly slashing calorie content. The benefits of such program will only be temporary, as weight drops other problems eventually emerge like: fatigue, illness, decreased recovery times.

Here are a few high quality resources for finding FREE balanced meal plans and nutrition information:

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Weight Loss Free of Obsession

Nutrition and physical exercise challenges are often considered “the easy part” in relation to the mental challenge weight modification goals typically entail. It’s easy to be Obsessed with Body Look, Shape, and Size, especially with the expectations portrayed by modern advertisements. A balanced weight loss goal should begin with Patience and Self Acceptance despite our current weight. Most of us are our own worst critics.

Read the declaration below and circle the areas you feel could use some additional time and practice. Print and sign your commitment that you will practice these tenets despite your current weight.

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