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Walk your dog, play with your kid(s), or both

A dog and/or kids are often an excuse for not exercising, don’t let this be yours. The lighthearted nature of dogs and kids often welcome play, if fact – they need it! Play contains power well beyond exercise alone. Play is healing and necessary for development. Choose 10-minutes of active play and get a quick cardio workout. Cardio exercise includes any movement that moves major muscle groups and keeps the heart rate elevated for at least 10-minutes.

Commute by foot

Regular use of motorized transportation can take your legs out from underneath you, leading to de-training and atrophy. Weak legs increase your reliance on motorized travel. A surprising amount of motorized travel is taken within walking distance, especially when we consider cars, elevators, and people-movers. Regularly using your legs to run errands will help keep them strong and healthy. Consider additional ways to commute more by foot (article here…)

Sit Less, Move more

Studies have shown that sitting 4-6 hours a day or more can be especially dangerous to your health and regular exercise may not be enough to counteract the negative effects of sedentary behavior. “NEAT” activity can be used as a way to move more and improve your health. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) includes non-seated alternatives like standing while watching TV or on the computer, pacing or fidgeting while on the phone, or meeting over a walk or while standing. NEAT activities are beneficial in stimulating the bodies neuromuscular system and in burning extra 300-2,000 calories a day. For those looking to lose or maintain their body weight or regain health, “sit less and move more” is often the answer.

Eat 3-5 meals daily

Start with breakfast with-in 2 hours after you wake-up. Meals to follow should be spaced every 4-hours or so thereafter.

  • BREAKFAST ideas for adults include: cereal (high on fiber, grains; low on sugar), oatmeal, Greek yogurt, or eggs. Always include fruit.
  • LUNCH ideas include: salads (go easy on high-calorie toppings), sandwiches on whole grain (hold the mayo), eggs (if you didn’t have them at breakfast), and broth-based soups. Always include fruit or a side of vegetables.
  • DINNER ideas include: chicken, fish, and whole grains. Always include vegetables. Keep your meals interesting by changing the vegetable and fruit sides and mixing up the preparation of the entrée.