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Is Sitting Bad for my Health?

Sitting can be dangerous. Especially for those who sit longer than 4-hours a day and I imagine most of us do once we add commute time, desk time, Computer time, TV time, etc. In one study, sitting longer than 4-hours a day increased the risk of Cardiovascular disease 80%.

“NEAT Activity” can help remedy this problem, lowering risk and helping to burn more calories throughout the day. “NEAT” is a new term which stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis; simply meaning that not all activities are considered exercise because the intensity is too low – but these activities are still very important if you live or work in a sedentary (or sitting) environment. An example of “NEAT” Activities include, standing at your work desk while working, pacing the floor (possibly while on a conference call), standing while watching TV, toe-tapping, or fidgeting. Simply moving from sitting to a standing position triples the rate of calories burned, gets your metabolism moving, and your nervous system firing to keep your muscles stimulated.

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Barefoot Running and Running Form

To run barefoot or not? Running barefoot involves running without shoes or in a very minimal “sock-like” shoe. Many studies show that barefoot running significantly changes a runners natural foot-strike pattern, resulting in less impact force transferring throughout the body. Barefoot runners tends to land with less impact on the middle of the foot (Mid-foot). Once a shoe is placed on the foot, many runners tend to automatically shift there foot-strike pattern, landing on the heal of the shoe (heal-strike), resulting in a slightly greater impact force.

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All About Body Fat, Test types and Accuracy

The body can be separated into two distinct parts, Lean Mass (muscle, bones, organs) and Fat Mass (body fat).

While some fat is healthy, a higher than average Fat Mass is associated with an elevated health risk. Fat that accumulates on the mid-section of the body (Android fat; also known as the “Apple Build”) further elevates your overall health risk.

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Exercise to Prevent Blood Clots (DVT)

Preventative Measures to Lower your Blood Clot or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Risk

Blood Clots (also known as DVT) or Deep vein thrombosis occurs when a blood clot forms in the veins that are deep in your body, often in your legs. Blood clots can be caused by many different things — namely anything that causes your blood not to circulate normally or clot properly.

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Weight Loss Free of Obsession

Nutrition and physical exercise challenges are often considered “the easy part” in relation to the mental challenge weight modification goals typically entail. It’s easy to be Obsessed with Body Look, Shape, and Size, especially with the expectations portrayed by modern advertisements. A balanced weight loss goal should begin with Patience and Self Acceptance despite our current weight. Most of us are our own worst critics.

Read the declaration below and circle the areas you feel could use some additional time and practice. Print and sign your commitment that you will practice these tenets despite your current weight.

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Minimize the Clock

We frequently use a clock to manage our daily tasks and duties… we have clocks in our bedrooms, in our cars, at work, and in our pockets on our mobile phones.  All of them reminding us that there is little time to spare between scheduled appointments. Minimize the Clock; it’s important to remember to relax and take things slowly.  Carl Honore take about 20 minute to highlight the importance of this habit in the video below: